“CANCER (June 21-July 22) Friday” Tinderbox Poetry Journal (August 2015)
“CANCER (June 21-July 22) Sunday” Tinderbox Poetry Journal (August 2015)
“CANCER (June 21-July 22) Tuesday” Tinderbox Poetry Journal (August 2015)
“The Last of the Lily Maids” The Toast (August 2015)
“Valley of the Kings” The Toast (August 2015)
“Dinosaur Bones” The Toast (August 2015)
“I Am Cat” Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review (Spring 2014)
“I Am Wolf” December Magazine (May 2014)
“Lily, Trapped in Limbo” December Magazine (May 2014)
“Filtered” (since revised) Emerge Literary Journal (September 2013)
“The Caw of Crows” Fickle Muses (May 2013)
“The Last of the Lily Maids” (since revised) Fickle Muses (May 2013)
“To My Clone, on Her Fifth Birthday” Eunoia Review (May 2013)
“The Lady in Red” Flutter Poetry Journal, permanently closed (December 2012)
“Hell” Bohemia (December 2012)
“The Queen’s Nightmare” Bohemia (December 2012)
“The Star” Dinosaur Bees (August 2012)
“Unreal” Dinosaur Bees (August 2012)
“Summer Heat” (since revised) Poppy Road Review, formerly Red Poppy Review (May 2012)
“You become the air…” Fortunates, permanently closed (May 2012)

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